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An EPSRC Medical Image Analysis Network Event


The 1st MedIAN CodeFest aims to bring together young researchers with an Engineering and Computer Science background with leading scientists from Biomedical and Clinical disciplines to collaborate intensively over two days on medical image analysis challenges.

The CodeFest is a creative, social, and educational event with strong emphasis on multidisciplinary exchange with the ambition to generate new and exciting scientific insights.


Teams can use Slack to share ideas and coordinate tasks while working on one of two main challenges:

  AI for Brain Scans: Exploring deep learning for analysing medical images of the brain.

  AnatomyVR: Virtual reality for 3D interactive visualisation of human anatomy.


The CodeFest is held on 21st and 22nd of September 2017 at Imperial College London.


Imperial College London
Department of Computing - Huxley Building
180 Queens Gate
London, SW7 2AZ


Day 1 - Thursday, September 21

   10:00 Welcome & Organisers Introductions
   10:05 Overview of CodeFest: guidelines, required output, available resources, timelines
   10:30 Setting the challenges
   11:15 Group work – introductions, planning
   13:00 Lunch
   13:45 Group work
   17:00 Un-official close. Teams can continue to work, pizza will be provided

Day 2 - Friday, Septemeber 22

   08:30 Breakfast
   09:00 Group work
   13:00 Lunch
   15:00 Presentations
   16:30 Summary & Conclusions
   17:00 Close